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The birds suffocate here, start hunting as soon as they leave, people are forced to be imprisoned in the house!



You must have seen many creatures like dog-monkey that start hunting humans in many situations. Sometimes dogs fall behind people riding bicycles or cars on the road, while sometimes monkeys do too. But have you ever seen birds do this? These days a similar sight is observed in the area present in a city in America, but what is strange is that there are no animals like cat-dog, but birds (residents of Turkey who track birds in America) have fallen behind people and He has a stench in his nose.

According to the Daily Star website report, a strange incident is happening these days in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. Here, Turkish birds terrorize people in America. Many such videos related to their antics are going viral on social media, which will surprise you. Speaking to the Daily Star, Meghan Tolson, who lives in the area, said she also named these birds. The name of the most disturbing of them is Kevin.

People don’t go out because of fear of turkey birds
Where the birds see the car door open, they get inside and run away again with great difficulty. Other than that, when people come out to the streets, they start chasing them. Not only cars, they start hitting small children with their beaks. There are many birds that even come inside the house and damage property by pecking here and there. Turkeys attack and injure people, vehicles. Troubled by these things, people lock themselves at home and cannot go out.

The terror of Turkey shown in the video
A video posted to the @MattWBZ Twitter account courtesy of WBZ News Radio shows how turkeys hunt people and the options people take to hunt them. It was said in the video that people carry umbrellas with them to chase them away and when they come in front they open it in front of them fearing that they will run away.

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