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The boy was buried alive in the coffin to be sacrificed, his senses were blown away to urinate.



Al Alto. A shocking incident has been revealed in Bolivia. A living person was locked in a coffin to be sacrificed. Fortunately, when he woke up to urinate, his life was saved. In fact, this named Victor Hugo had gone there to participate in the ‘Mother Earth’ festival. Moreover, the day before this incident, he had been drinking heavily. Therefore, out of lack of conscience, people sacrificed Hugo.

According to the British newspaper Metro, this incident originated in the city of El-Alto, Bolivia. According to reports, during the Mother Earth Festival, local people offer everything from live animals and sheep embryos to sweets and coca leaves to the goddess. Victor said an attempt was made to sacrifice her too. Victor Hugo, 30, broke the coffin with great difficulty and got out. It is said that he had consumed a lot of alcohol the day before the inauguration of the Mother Earth Festival. In such a situation, the local population took advantage.

locked in the coffin
He told local media that he was covered in mud and concrete. He said: ‘We were dancing. And then I don’t remember what happened. The only thing I remember is that I felt like I was in my bed, I wanted to get up to pee and I couldn’t move.

broke the glass
When Victor informed the police of his burial, they refused to believe him. He said: ‘I broke the glass, my whole arm hurt, I could barely pass out, but I went to the police and they told me I was drunk.

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