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The car fell off the mountain and got stuck in a 300 foot deep gorge! The iPhone 14 saved the lives of two people



As technology develops, the lives of humans become easier. With the increase of time, special changes take place in the gadgets we use so that they can be used easily and conveniently. Similar changes are also happening in smartphones. There are different brands of phones available in the market, but Apple company and its customers believe that iPhone is the best smartphone. Now its users can say it better, but recently the iPhone 14 phone (iPhone 14 saves life in California) performed such a miracle that it saved the lives of two people who were almost on the verge of death .

According to reports, iPhone 14 (SOS feature of iPhone 14) saved the lives of two people in California, USA. You will feel how is it possible to do it from the phone. But it’s absolutely true, let us tell you what the problem is. In fact, in September this year, Apple launched its iPhone 14 with the emergency SOS satellite connectivity feature. Thanks to this feature, the lives of people who fell into a 300-foot-deep ditch were saved.

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