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The cat was wrapped in the bag, the photo arrived in the x-ray machine at the airport, officials were surprised



An x-ray discovers a cat trapped inside a bag: Airport security is very strict in all countries. In such a situation, no one can circumvent this safety cordon. Especially escaping the eyes of the X-ray machine at the airport is a very difficult task. Thanks to this machine in America, the life of a cat was saved. In fact, this cat was accidentally packed into a passenger’s bag. Fortunately, at the last moment, the x-ray machine took a picture of the cat sitting in the bag. The cat’s life was therefore saved.

According to US media, this incident is from JFK airport in New York. As soon as the alarm rang at the door, officials checked the X-ray machine. Seeing the cat in the bag, officials couldn’t believe it was alive. Immediately the bag was opened. The cat was sitting on top of the bag. If that cat’s photo didn’t come in that machine, then it could have died.

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