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The clothes of the unemployed will be washed for free, the shop has made an offer for difficult times! People said – ‘Humanity is alive’



Unemployment and empty pockets teach such important life lessons to a person that even a book may not be able to teach that lesson. When a person does nothing, then the attitude of the world becomes different towards him, no one asks him, does not appreciate him. But in this difficult period, a trader decided to support the population, so these days his decision is welcomed on social networks. This trader from America (Oklahoma, USA) gave the unemployed a little boost (cleaner offer for the unemployed), seeing that people were convinced that humanity is alive!

The ‘Good News Movement’ Instagram account is famous for its positive posts. Recently a photo was posted on this account which is going very viral. This photo (Cleaning shop offer for the unemployed) is of a poster stuck on a shop, on which is written a thing for the unemployed. While sharing the photo, the caption read, “Humanity! Kindness makes the world go round. Thanks to Archer Cleaners for their support. Archer Cleaners has multiple locations in Oklahoma.”

wash clothes for free for the unemployed 1

This offer is welcomed on social networks. (Photo: Instagram/goodnews_movement)

Special offer for the unemployed
The viral photo was pasted on the glass outside the shop. It says that those who are unemployed and want clean clothes to go to maintenance, we will wash their clothes for free. At the bottom of the review is written by Team Leader Colton Archer – “When times get tough, we’ll help you be your best.”

the picture goes viral
People appreciate this offer from the store. This photo has been viewed almost 70,000 times and many people have given their opinion by commenting. One of them said it’s a big thing that someone cares about your appearance during the interview, it’s a small thing but it means a lot. One person said that seeing this, it seems that humanity is still alive. One said his respect for the store had increased.

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