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The crocodile selfie craze, people started posing while lying on the ground near the creature! the picture goes viral



How dangerous a crocodile creature is known only to those who have encountered it at one time or another. But even after watching the scary videos of crocodiles on TV or social media, you will get an idea that getting close to this creature is the greatest stupidity. This stupidity was committed recently by two young people who were possessed by the evil spirit to take a selfie with a crocodile. Then he did such an act that shocked everyone.

Photos and videos of these people are shared on the Instagram account named @touronsofyellowstone Twitter account, who go to US wilderness areas and national parks and do stupid things and put themselves in danger. Recently, a photo was shared on this account which is from Everglade National Park, Florida.

selfie with crocodile 1

There are a lot of reviews about the people seen in the photo. (Photo: Instagram/@touronsofyellowstone)

Two people lie down in front of a crocodile for a selfie
In this photo, a path passing through the middle of the wooded area is visible on which two people are lying and taking a selfie (the tourists lie down in front of the alligator) and a woman standing in front of them takes their picture. What’s creepy is that the two people lying on the ground are actually taking selfies with a crocodile present behind. The crocodile is very large and seems to be heading towards them. It is foolish to do such an act after hitting such a dreadful creature.

the picture goes viral
More than 5,000 people have liked this photo and many people have given their opinion by commenting. One of them joked that if the crocodile ate its head, it wouldn’t have much to eat because it had no brain. One said that these people may have never seen how fast crocodiles can run and attack. One said the food was served alone in front of the creature. One said he had never seen bigger idiots than him. One of them said it was an insult to wild animals.

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