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The danger has not diminished! 1 corona death every 4 minutes, experts have issued a warning



New Delhi. Even though the corona virus has been declared a medical emergency by the WHO. But one person dies every four minutes from corona. According to the Bloomberg report, Corona targets weak people and countries with less vaccination. Last year, corona caused the most deaths in America after heart disease and cancer. Although governments do not pay attention to how to reduce corona deaths. For example, no attention is paid to the necessary vaccination and the use of masks in closed places.

Ziad Al-Aly, director of the Veterans Street Clinical Epidemiology Center, said Covid still affects many people. We have ways to deal with it. Let us tell you that earlier this month the World Health Organization announced that Corona was no longer a medical emergency. At the same time, most governments had already relaxed lockdowns and guidelines.

After spending a lot of money in the early stages of the pandemic, world leaders are trying to get everything back to normal. Without looking for a way to stop Corona. Meanwhile, the infection continues to grow, killing at least 20 million people worldwide. Let us tell you that a few weeks ago corona virus cases were increasing rapidly in India. For this reason, once again, Covid hospitals have become active in the country. Simulation exercises have been launched at the national level. But it was a matter of relief that after a while the corona cases started to stop.