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The danger of going to prison hangs over Greta Thunberg, the sentence can be up to 6 months



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Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg could face jail if found guilty in a case.
The police had refused to obey the order to leave the site of the demonstration.

Stockholm. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been charged with disobeying a police order. According to the report by the daily Sidesvenskan, on June 19, during a demonstration in the southern city of Malmö, the police ordered Greta to leave the scene. But Greta continued to perform there with her supporters. If Greta is found guilty of disobeying the police order, she can face a heavy fine or a jail term of up to 6 months.

Greta Thunberg protests against fossil fuels
According to Sidsvenskan’s report, prosecutor Charlotte Ottosson said, “You have the freedom to protest. But you must not act in such a way as to cause problems for others. Let us tell you that Greta Thunberg joined the protest in June, organized by the environmental activist group ‘Ta Tilbaka Framtiden’ (Reclaiming the Future). Protesters tried to block the entrance and exit gates of the port of Malmö against the use of fossil fuels.

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The next hearing in the case will take place at the end of July.
At the same time, on this whole issue, the activist group said, “Having stopped the activities that are ruining our future, we are now facing criminal charges. While the real crime happens inside the doors we’ve closed. Prosecutor Charlotte Ottesen told the Sidesvenskan newspaper that a fine is usually imposed if the charge is proven. The newspaper reported that a hearing has been set for the end of July at Malmö District Court.

Greta Thunberg shared the post
On the day of the incident, Greta Thunberg also shared an Instagram post, in which she said that protesters had closed the road to oil trucks in the port of Malmö. Sharing the post, Greta wrote: “The climate crisis is already a matter of life and death for countless people. We chose not to remain silent and instead shut down fossil fuel infrastructure.

School strike for the climate in front of the Swedish Parliament
When Greta Thunberg was 15, she launched a “school climate strike” in front of the Swedish parliament. He founded the Fridays for Future movement, which later became a global phenomenon. The young activist regularly criticized governments and politicians for not properly addressing climate issues.

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