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The danger of world war averted! World war danger averted as new twist in Poland missile attack suggests Ukrainian military mistake – Reuters



Moscow. A new twist seems to be emerging in the case of the death of two people in the great explosion in the village of Prajevodo, bordering Ukraine in Poland. Initially, it was learned that some of the missiles fired by Russia at several important targets in Ukraine fell in Poland, causing a huge explosion here. However, according to the report of the Reuters news agency, in the initial investigation it appears that the missiles that fell in Poland were fired by the Ukrainian army.

The AP news agency quoted US officials as saying preliminary findings suggest the Ukrainian military fired a missile to shoot down Russian missiles, which accidentally fell on Poland.

Joe Biden holds meeting with G7 leaders
On the other hand, according to the DPA news agency, US President Joe Biden also said the same. According to DPA, Biden said during a meeting with G7 leaders: “There are indications that this rocket was a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile.”

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On the other hand, the President of Poland said that the fall of the missile appears to be “not a deliberate attack but an unfortunate accident”. On the other hand, Russia has also clearly stated that no missile attack has been carried out by its soldiers in this area.

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Suspicions were expressed about the Russian military
We learned earlier that the missile that fell on Poland had been fired by the Russian army. In such a situation, it is feared that the Russian-Ukrainian war will become more fierce. In fact, Poland is a NATO member country. According to the treaty of this organization, knowingly or unknowingly, an attack on a member country will be an indicator of a great war. Article 5 of the NATO treaty clearly states that an attack on one country is an attack on all member countries.

In such a situation, if the member countries of NATO also get involved in this war, then the competition for existence between Russia and the Western countries of Europe can begin and many people saw in it the sound of The Third world war. However, this latest information definitely weakens those apprehensions a bit.

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