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The dictator does not stop! North Korea fires ballistic missile again, panic in Japan, alert launched



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North Korea fired another ballistic missile.
The ballistic missile was fired towards the East Sea of ​​Japan on Thursday morning.
Kim called for strengthening the military in a more “practical and aggressive” way.

Seoul. North Korea again fired a ballistic missile at the East Sea of ​​Japan on Thursday morning amid rising tensions with the United States and South Korea. The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff released the information on Thursday. Although he did not talk about it in more detail because the investigation is ongoing at this time. On the other hand, the Japanese government has issued a warning about this.

Tension escalated on Tuesday as state media in North Korea claimed leader Kim Jong Un had led his country’s military in a more “practical and aggressive” manner, NNA reported. , citing the Yonhap news agency called to strengthen. Apart from that, the Japanese government said the North Korean missile could move towards Japan as Pyongyang fired a missile in the East Sea amid rising tensions with Seoul and Washington.

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on another side Japan The Prime Minister’s Office has issued a warning to “take all necessary precautions” at this critical time. Japan issued a warning that the North Korean missile may have come towards Hokkaido prefecture or nearby waterways. Japan’s PMO wrote on Twitter, “Spend maximum effort collecting and analyzing information, and providing prompt and adequate information to the public. Ensure the safety of aircraft, vessels and other assets.

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The Japanese government urged residents of Hokkaido to take shelter Thursday morning after a North Korean missile was launched, but local officials later said the missile would not land near the area of north, according to the AFP news agency. Asking residents of Hokkaido to take shelter in a building or underground, the government said in a preliminary warning: “Evacuate immediately… Evacuate immediately.” But soon, the city of Asahikawa in Hokkaido tweeted that there was no longer any concern about the threat. Later Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (Fumio Kishida) Said the missile did not fall on Japanese territory.

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