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The end of China will be like Soviet Russia, Nikki Haley shows her attitude as soon as she enters the presidential race



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Upheaval ahead of US presidential election
Nikki Haley shows a sharp attitude and targets China
Nikki may be the Republican Party nominee

New Delhi. Indian-born Republican leader Nikki Haley made a big statement about China as soon as she entered the US presidential race, which caused a ruckus around the world. The relationship between the two countries is already not normal when it comes to China’s spy balloon and now Nikki said that Chinese dictators want to cover the world with communist tyranny, only we can stop them. It is possible that the US presidential elections will be held on November 5, 2024.

Nikki’s claim is not yet fully confirmed, but the way her candid statements have come and the response is received. Seeing this, it is believed that this time the election agenda may be focused on the China issue. Nikki Haley shows a fierce and sharp attitude. He said that like Soviet Russia, the end of Communist China is also certain to be on the “ash heap of history.” After announcing her candidacy for US President, Nikki attacked China in the first statement herself. She appeared breathless during her first public speech and showed no indulgence towards China.

Rival former President Donald Trump will be in the lead in Nikki’s party
Recently, tension between the two countries has increased after the downing of the Chinese spy balloon in US airspace. Nikki must also obtain consent and support for her claim within the party. It will be interesting to see if Nikki is able to defeat her rival, former President Donald Trump, within the party, but for now her statements appear to be gaining support from American voters. A few days ago, Trump also announced that he would run for president.

Nikki is of Indian descent and served as Governor of South Carolina
Indian-born Nikki Haley served as Governor of South Carolina twice. She is considered a strong leader of the Republican Party and has also served as a US Ambassador to the United Nations. She has announced her candidacy for the presidential election, but so far the party has made no such official announcement. He can be officially declared a candidate after winning the challenge within the party. Nikki said US forces will be even stronger than before. He said that a strong army prevents war from happening, but a weak army does not start a war. Nikki Haley also announced her intentions. Nikki said that we will not leave Israel and Ukraine, we will support them. On the contrary, they will also go against their enemies Iran and Russia. Nikki Haley said the America I’m talking about, Communist China will lose out and end up in the ashes of history like Russia.

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