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The evil eye of the dragon on America! Chinese spy balloon flying in US skies, why is Biden afraid to shoot?



Washington: In America (US News), once again China (China News) has dared to spy, of which great proof has emerged. A Chinese spy balloon was seen flying in the US sky, after which the US administration became fully alert and issued a summons to the Chinese diplomat. A suspected Chinese spy balloon has been flying over the United States for days, the Pentagon said, and senior US officials have advised President Joe Biden not to shoot it down because its debris could pose a security risk.

The Pentagon said it was tracking a Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States suspected of monitoring highly sensitive nuclear weapons sites, AFP news agency reports. A senior US defense official told AFP senior military officials considered shooting down the balloon but did not do so for fear it would endanger too many people on the ground.

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The balloon would fly over the North West region of America, where there are sensitive airbases and strategic missiles. AFP quoted an unnamed official as saying the Chinese spy balloon was apparently intended for surveillance and was flying over several sensitive sites. At present, this Chinese balloon is flying in the sky of northern Montana, and US Air Force planes have also been installed behind it.

It is said that after the detection of Chinese spy balloons which appear to be monitoring highly sensitive nuclear weapons sites, the US State Department summoned the diplomat in charge of China to Washington to give a very clear and stern message. Meanwhile, the Pentagon said in its statement that the Chinese balloon is currently traveling at an altitude well above commercial air traffic and poses no military or physical threat to people on the ground.

This Chinese spy balloon is said to be equal in size to three buses. Information about this incident was given to US President Joe Biden and the Department of Defense. Previously, it was considered to shoot down this balloon, but keeping in mind the safety of the American people on earth, this decision was postponed. Currently, the issue has been discussed by US officials with their Chinese counterparts. Let us tell you, this is not the first time China has been accused of spying in America, but even before that, China tried to spy on America.

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