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The family announced the death… then joined his funeral by helicopter!



Brussels: ‘Baazicha-e-atfal hai, duniya mire aage, hota hai shab-o-roz tamasha aage me’. This Ghalib Sher is starting to look even more present in the world influenced by Reel and Tiktok. Wherever you see it seems lost in itself. One such incident came to light when a man (TikToker) in Belgium faked his death to teach his family a lesson about who cares who, and then himself appeared in a helicopter during his funeral.

Wife and children created the drama of death
David Barton’s wife and their kids thought it was time to prank their family and see who cared more about the 45-year-old. They spread the news of David’s death. Paying fake tributes on social media, his children wrote: “May the soul of the father rest in peace, we can never forget you. Why life is so hard Now you had to see a lot of things, you had to become a grandfather. We love you a lot.’ Along with writing these sentimental words, his family also holds their last rites near the city of Liège. In which many friends, including members of his family, participated dressed in black clothes.

A helicopter surprised people at the funeral site
As people waited for the last rites to occur, they saw that a helicopter had landed there. Barton got away with it with his camera crew. Seeing David, people who were sad at his departure became happy and embraced him. In this video posted on Tiktok, people were seen hugging him and getting emotional.

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Drama created to see the reaction of the family
Reports suggest that after that, TikToker David said, “He made the fake death game because he wanted to see how his big family would react to it. Because he felt that his family had always rejected him. David said: “I was always hurt by the family, I wasn’t invited anywhere, nobody asked me, we always grew up apart. I felt very ignored. That’s why I wanted to give him a life lesson that you shouldn’t wait until he’s dead to meet someone. After faking his death, David claimed that many people got there, which made him believe that people cared about him.

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