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The fate of this city has opened due to an asteroid collision! Diamonds are encrusted in the house here, know the interesting story



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An entire city in Germany has been built on the site of an asteroid crash.
The asteroid formed a 25 kilometer wide crater on the earth at a speed of 70,000 kilometers per hour.
Settlers were unaware of the land they were building on an asteroid crash site

Berlin, The earth is full of awesome places and structures and in most cases they are either built naturally into the earth or by humans. However, there is one place on earth that is one of the most unique places on the planet, but the credit for it does not lie with humans or nature. According to a report by the Hindutan Times, Nördlingen is a small town in Bavaria, Germany, which may not seem unusual, but it is often considered unusual by NASA and ESA astronomers.

Indeed, the whole city is built on the site of the asteroid crash site. In fact, an asteroid came and collided there. But not only that, due to the asteroid, the stones used to build most of the structures in the city are filled with diamonds. After investigation, scientists learned that 15 million years ago, a giant asteroid one kilometer wide struck the same land on which today’s city is built. The asteroid formed a 25 kilometer wide crater on the earth at a speed of 70,000 kilometers per hour, today known as Nordlinger Reis.

The first testimonies of the construction of the city date back to the 9th century. According to records, the settlers were unaware of the land they were building at the site of an asteroid crash. In fact, even 20th century schoolbooks mentioned that the city had a unique shape because it was built on an extinct volcano. While the reason for its size was the collision of asteroids.

a city full of heroes
The research also revealed that the settlers did not even know that the common rock in the area, known as Sueite, was full of diamonds. These diamonds are very small and invisible to the naked eye with an average size of less than 0.02 mm. These diamonds were also made only by asteroids. When the asteroid hit Earth, it subjected the bedrock to such intense heat and pressure that tiny bubbles of carbon instantly turned into diamonds. According to reports, there are approximately 72,000 tons of micro diamonds present in this region, some of which are now found in all countries.

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