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The female giraffe suddenly gave birth to a calf in the American zoo, onlookers were surprised



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female giraffe gave birth to a baby in front of an audience
Xu shared a video of a female giraffe on her social media page.
Calf born at Virginia Zoo, USA

New York. A female giraffe at the Virginia Zoo in the United States suddenly gave birth to her cub in front of an audience earlier this month. Zoo visitors were quite surprised to see this. On September 9, a post was shared by the zoo’s official Facebook account with a video of the giraffe’s baby and mother. According to this post, the giraffe’s mother, Imara, gave birth to her ninth calf that day.

The calf was able to stand immediately after birth. The post further said that in order to check his health and determine his sex, zoo keepers were instructed to carry out an examination of the newborn baby by closely monitoring the mother and baby.

Xu shared the video of a female giraffe

A video shared by the zoo shows a female giraffe approaching the baby and smelling its head. The post has garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of shares since it was shared. Many social media users praised Mother Imara and the zoo. According to a recent post shared by the zoo two days ago, the calf has been identified as a female and has been named “Teesa”.

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Virginia Zoo of America shared a video of a female giraffe and a child on its social media page.

The first user wrote in their post, ‘Congratulations. A male giraffe was born last week at Blanc Park Zoo in Des Moines. Zoo staff are watching him closely,’ Another user said, ‘Wow! I remember the birth of her first child, Willow. Congratulations Imara.

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