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The film Dushman Desh ki saw, then 2 boys were shot in front of the crowd



Tension persists between South Korea and North Korea. South Korea claimed that North Korea had fired about 130 shells from cannons on its western and eastern sea border. From then on, relations between the two neighbors became strained. Meanwhile, another shocking news comes from North Korea. It is said that here two boys were shot openly in front of the crowd. The age of the two was only 15-16 years old. Their only mistake was that they had both seen a movie shot in South Korea.

The incident dates back to October, but news of his death only came to light last week. After speaking to Radio Free Asia, eyewitnesses said they were forced to witness the punishment. One said residents of the town of Hesse had been asked to congregate at the trail. People said that the authorities put the teenage students in front of the public, sentenced them to death and immediately shot them.

warned people
Residents of Hesan, which borders China, said they were told that those who watch or distribute South Korean films and dramas, and who disrupt social order by killing other people, will not be forgiven and will be punished. That would be the maximum death penalty.

When Kim was attacked by dogs
In fact, authorities have warned people against watching or listening to South Korean movies or music. Earlier this year, it was reported that Kim Jong Un’s uncle had been mauled to death by dogs. A Chinese newspaper claimed that in 2013 his Jang Song-thaek was killed and fed to 120 dogs who starved to death for a total of three days.

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