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The flight was going from Vienna to New York, then something like this happened in the toilet … the plane came back after flying for two hours



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An Austrian Airlines flight had to return halfway after 2 hours.
The flight was going from Vienna to New York, five of the eight toilets on the flight were broken.

Vienna: People travel for in-flight facilities. But what if the most basic restrooms in the facility are themselves damaged or closed? A similar incident occurred on an Austrian Airlines flight. An Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to New York was scheduled to return in two hours. In fact, it happened because five of the flight’s eight toilets were broken.

According to the AFP news agency, the incident happened on Monday. About 300 people were on board the Boeing 777 flight, which was expected to last eight hours. An airline spokeswoman said on Tuesday that due to a technical problem the toilet could not be flushed properly, after which the crew members decided to return.

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The spokesperson said that to his knowledge, such a problem had never happened before on an Austrian Airlines flight. The spokesperson said the theft has been rectified and the flight is back in service. The affected passengers have been transferred to other flights. The spokesperson said that in view of this problem, the crew members had no choice but to return.

Last year, a toilet overflow incident occurred on a flight from Prague to New York JFK in the Czech Republic. According to passengers on board the flight, there was a flooding situation in the lavatory. Despite the pilot’s efforts, the autopilot system disconnected several times. Investigators are still investigating the July 7, 2022 incident and however no conclusion has been reached yet. Safety experts consider the possibility that an overflowing toilet in the cabin may have contributed to the problems experienced by the pilots.

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