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The girl was dumped in a plastic bag, after 4 years the secret of the mother of ‘Baby India’ from Georgia, now arrested



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4 years ago, ‘Baby India’ was abandoned by the mother in a wooded area in Georgia.
The ‘Baby India’ mother was left alive in a plastic bag.
Now, police have arrested ‘Baby India”s mother after identifying her.

New Delhi. Nearly four years after a newborn girl was found alive in an abandoned plastic bag in a wooded area in northern Georgia, authorities have identified and arrested the girl’s mother. Deputies from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office arrested Karima Jiwani, 40, on Thursday for attempted murder, cruelty to a child, aggravated assault and neglectful abandonment.

Last week, DNA helped the sheriff’s office identify Karima Jiwani as the child’s mother, CNN reported. Who is called ‘Baby India’. The baby is thought to be just a few hours old when a family in Cumming, Georgia, about 40 miles north of Atlanta, heard noises coming from a wooded area on June 6, 2019.

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Body camera footage from law enforcement officials showed the crying child wrapped in a yellow plastic bag. Baby India was probably born in a vehicle. Further evidence showed that Karima Jiwani drove with the baby girl in the car for some time after the birth. After that, he tied the girl in a plastic bag and threw her into the forest. From evidence collected during the investigation, authorities learned that Karima was likely alone when the girl was released.

Officials said Karima said she could not tell police her purpose at this time. The sheriff’s office investigation revealed that Karima had a history of concealed pregnancies and surprise births. According to the report, the addition of digital evidence indicates that she had known about this particular pregnancy for some time and went to great lengths to hide it. At this time, police have not discussed details of Baby India’s current condition, but said she is happy, healthy and in a safe place.

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