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The husband found an excuse, the wife was forced to go shopping alone, she came home a millionaire!



People often find it boring to go to the store to buy goods. In such a situation, we see the people present in the family relieve each other of this responsibility. Something similar happened between a couple living in America (American woman wins Rs 32 crore lottery) when the two argued over who would buy the goods from the store. The husband told the wife, the wife told the husband, and in the end the wife had to leave! But little did she know that when she returned home after returning from the store, her luck would have shone!

According to the report by the Daily Star News website, a 49-year-old woman (32 crore lottery woman) recently became a millionaire as she won a lottery worth over Rs 32 crore. But her luck didn’t shine like that, after a fight she had to go to the store where she went shopping and from there she bought the lottery ticket. In November of this year, on the occasion of the “Thanksgiving festival”, a woman from Oakland, Michigan asked her husband to go to the store and bring some turkey meat to eat. .

woman win lottery 32 crore rupees

The woman bought the scratch card at the store and scratched it off after she got home. (Representative photo: Canva)

store bought lottery
The husband was busy, so he found an excuse and asked the wife to go herself. The wife was also busy, she also gave the responsibility of buying things to the husband. There was a debate between the two about it and in the end it was decided that the woman would go to the store and bring the goods. In anger, the red woman went to the store and bought some goods there, but on her way out she bought a lottery. The woman said she bought a ticket to VIP Millions and went home with it.

32 crores won in the lottery
When he got home and scratched the lottery with a scratch card, he saw that his number matched the lucky number in the lottery. But he didn’t see the amount. He directly opened the lottery-related app on the phone and checked how much money he had won in the lottery. As soon as he read that his lottery was worth millions of dollars, the ground slipped under his feet. According to the Daily Star report, the woman said her family felt like she had had a heart attack. The woman said that if her husband had gone in her place, today these people would not have become millionaires because he would not have bought lottery tickets. Lottery winners had two options for collecting the winning amount. The first was to take his lottery money in 30 installments per year i.e. for 30 years every year once he received lottery money and the second option was to take a large part of that money all at once.

22 crores reached
The woman chose the second option and took Rs 22 crore all at once. Speaking to Michigan Lottery, she said she would now spend the money wisely and pay the necessary bills for her home first. After that, she will have the house renovated and then save the remaining money for her retirement.

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