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The incident happened 166 years ago, the person was punished after a century! The theft of billions was executed in cinematic style



There have been many such cases in history that were such a serious crime that the people involved were punished after many years. One such case is that of America. An incident happened here 166 years ago, for which a person was punished after a century. The man had committed a theft (the man stole gold from a sunken ship) which is linked to gold worth billions of rupees and the story of this theft seems completely filmed!

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Gregory Thompson, 70, is in jail for a crime related to an incident that happened 150 years ago, the Unilad website reports. The person committed a theft in which gold worth billions was involved, not trillions of dollars. Let us tell you what it is. In fact, in 1857, a ship named the sunken ship SS Central America sank some distance off the coast of South Carolina due to a severe storm.

a man stole gold from a sunken ship

This ship was sunk in 1857, it had gold worth billions. (Photo: Twitter/@FossilLocator)

The incident happened 100 years ago
People knew there was treasure in the ship she was carrying. After 100 years, in 1988, research scientist Thomas intended to extract this treasure. He mobilized 171 people and companies and offered them to finance his research project and his treasure hunt. He raised a fund of Rs 100 crore from everyone as funding and with that money made an underwater robot named Nemo and a ship named Arctic Discoverer. On September 11, 1988, he obtained this treasure. But until 2003, he had no legal right to take the treasure. However, this is not the reason why he had to stay in prison.

The person has been in prison since 2016
It turns out that Thomas deceived all the investors who had invested money in his work. He sold most of the gold coins and bars to a marketing group in 2000 for Rs 400 crore. After that, investors filed a lawsuit against him and he ran away from the year 2012 itself. When he failed to attend a hearing, a civil contempt warrant was issued against him and in 2013 a criminal contempt warrant was issued. He continued to hide from the police for 2 years, but in 2015 the police caught him. He was first sentenced to 2 years for not attending the hearing. But then his sentence was compounded because he didn’t say where the parts he hadn’t sold were. About 500 coins were missing, ranging in value from Rs 16 to Rs 32 crore. He had promised to give all the coins in November 2018 but later said he did not have them. Since then, he has been fined Rs 80,000 every day and so far it has risen to Rs 16 crore. At the 2020 hearing, the person was found to have short-term memory loss. He categorically denied knowing anything about gold. He is still in jail.

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