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The journalist flew away in a violent storm! Barely survived the wind blowing up to 241 per hour; See the video



Hurricane Ian: Cyclone ‘Ian’ is wreaking havoc across Florida, USA. Thursday morning, this storm hit Fort Meyers. During this time, the wind speed was 241 km/h. It is a category 4 storm. More than 20 lakh homes have no power. It is said to be the most dangerous hurricane ever seen in America. Meanwhile, a video of the storm goes viral. Where we can see that a journalist got stuck in the wind speed and survived with great difficulty.

This video of about 36 seconds will shake you. You will be scared seeing the speed of the storm. The reporter on the middle road is reporting live. Meanwhile, dangerous wind speeds were blowing them from side to side of the road. When he started running after saving her life, a tree branch collided with her feet. After that, he stood for a while holding a pole. The peculiarity is that during this time he continued to talk to the studio continuously. Finally, he said he was perfectly fine. This reporter is said to be Jim Cantorre. He works for a weather channel.

destruction everywhere
The roof of the intensive care unit of a hospital in Port Charlotte has exploded. Birgit Bodine, a doctor who worked there, told US media that the lower parts of the building were also flooded. In the video shared on social media, water is seen all over the ground.

dangerous storm
Ian was located 105 km southwest of Naples at 7 a.m. and was heading towards the coast at a speed of 17 km/h. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Wednesday morning, “It’s a big storm. It’s a life-threatening storm. He said people from cities falling in Ian’s way shouldn’t run to safer places and should stay there. A storm warning has been issued for an area approximately 350 km from the province. This includes Tampa and St. Petersburg.

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