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The last man of the Amazon tribe: there was no contact with the modern world, if he died he was covered in parrot feathers, now people are talking about it everywhere



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For more than 20 years, man lived alone in the dense forests of the Brazilian Amazon.
Nobody in the world knew the name of this man, now he is dead.
His death made headlines around the world, he was the only surviving member of a small tribe.

Brasilia, For more than 20 years, man lived alone in the dense forests of the Brazilian Amazon and lived on nuts, fruits and hunting food. He was a symbol of the struggle for life of local people living in dense forests. This man’s name was not known to anyone in the world, now he is dead and his death made headlines around the world. He was the only surviving member of a small tribe.

According to information from the AFP news agency, this person was found dead on August 23 in the Tanaru region. Authorities found no signs of abuse and believe he died of natural causes. While local media reported that the man was covered in the shiny feathers of a bird called Guacamaya. It’s a kind of parrot. The Tanaru Indigenous Region is an 8,000-hectare (30 square mile) protected rainforest in the southwestern Brazilian state of Rondnia, which borders Bolivia. This reserve is surrounded by huge animal farms.

It is said to be one of the most dangerous areas in Brazil, full of illegal miners and loggers. The man was first seen in 1996 by a documentary crew traveling with officials from the National Indian Foundation. This is a government agency that investigated the genocide committed against the tribes. To give legal protection to the area, it was necessary to prove the presence of tribal people in the forest area of ​​Tanaru. It was then that this person was seen.

In one of the images, the man was seen peeking out from inside a hut. On one occasion, he even comes out with a spear to scare people, but doesn’t utter a single word. By bringing together people from neighboring tribes, we tried to find out what language this person spoke. But he made it clear he didn’t want to talk to anyone. Feeling threatened, he shoots an arrow. Due to which a member of the team who went to investigate was seriously injured. After that, officers simply patrolled his area and tried to look for signs that he was still alive.

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In the last sequence shot in 2011, we see him felling a tree with an axe. The bow and arrows prove that he used to hunt. There were also orchards in his area, where he grew fruits and vegetables, such as papayas and cassava. But what most attracted explorers were the many pits he dug, which were about two meters (seven feet) deep and into which sharp spears were driven. These pits were used to trap animals. But experts believe they may also be a place to hide from intruders or have some sort of spiritual purpose behind them.

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