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The man had to keep a zebra as a pet, cut his hand biting it! The police got rid of the animal like this



Usually people like to keep animals like dog, cat, cow, rabbit in their house. But you must have seen in videos on social media that in some countries people also like to keep animals like lion-cheetah, python. This hobby endangered a person who liked to keep zebras. For an elderly man living in America, his arm bitten by a pet zebra became death. His life could be saved with great difficulty.

According to the Audi website report, a shocking incident happened on March 12 in Ohio, USA. The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office received a call at 5:30 p.m. in which a man panicked that a 72-year-old man had been attacked by his pet zebra. At first, even the policemen were shocked to hear this because they thought who was guarding the zebras! He immediately reached the place and was shocked to see the scene there.

Zebra was shot and chased
A man was lying on the ground in his farm and blood was oozing profusely from his hand. When he looked closely, his hand had been severed. A zebra was walking around the man. Seeing him, the police understood that he was very angry. Zebra repeatedly tried to chase this person away but the police officers chased him away. As soon as the person was put in the ambulance, the zebra got even angrier and started attacking the police. Then the person’s family members told them that when someone turned their back on that zebra, they got angry. He allowed the police to shoot the zebra to control it. Then the policeman did the same and shot his forehead.

Keeping wildlife is illegal in Ohio
In the report filed by the police it was said that there were 5-6 female zebras in the field, so maybe he was getting violent in an effort to protect them. The man was admitted to hospital where doctors managed to join his hand. According to the report, it is illegal to keep wild and rare animals, such as lions, cheetahs, Komodo dragons, alligators, etc. in Ohio, but there are no restrictions on keeping zebras. Everyone is surprised how the zebra cut off the hand with its mouth!

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