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The man who called himself a “prophet” married 20 wives, also made a 9-year-old girl his wife; now stopped



A shocking case has come to light from America. Here such a person was arrested, who crossed all the limits of inhumanity. It is alleged that this man married more than 20 women including his daughter. And most of these women are under the age of 15. According to an FBI affidavit, the man was identified as Samuel Rapille Bateman.

The 46-year-old was charged with incest in an affidavit filed Friday in Washington. It is alleged that this man was involved in group sexual activity with girls as young as nine years old. Also used to traffic children. Bateman was the leader of a small group. After taking control of the small group of around 50 followers in 2019, Bateman allegedly “began to claim he was the Prophet Muhammad,” according to an FBI affidavit, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

marry 15 year old girls
According to the FBI, Bateman married 20 women – “many of whom were minors, most under the age of 15” – and forced them to engage in sordid acts of incest, pedophile group sex and trafficking child sex. The report says Bateman was first arrested on August 28. A few weeks later, on September 13, the FBI raided two homes looking for evidence of sexual abuse and early marriages between affected children and adults.

order to have sex with girls
There is also mention of a surprising incident in the documents. Bateman asked three male followers to have sex with his daughters, one of whom was just 12 years old. While he was watching him. Bateman allegedly claimed the girls had ‘sacrificed their virtues to God’ and added, ‘God will heal their bodies and put the membranes back into their bodies.’

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