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The missile with which the mysterious UFO was shot down is very dangerous, know its specialty



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Recently, America shot down three flying objects in the air.
Operation performed by the AIM-9X Sidewinder missile
Raytheon Technology Corporation developed the AIM-9X Sidewinder

AIM-9X Sidewinder: In recent days, America has shot down the Chinese spy balloon. After that, a flying object seen in Alaska, America, also shot down the moving objects in the skies of Michigan and Canada. After continuously shooting these three things out of the sky, questions arise as to what weapon America has with which to conduct such operations. America shot down all three objects with the sidewinder of the AIM-9X missile (AIM-9X Sidewinder).

use of this missile
This missile is manufactured by Raytheon Technologies Corporation. It comes from a large class of weapons that have been in the US arsenal for decades. These guns are primarily made for the US military. Although the missile is sold in large quantities to American allies. Raytheon says it has 31 foreign military trading partners, including South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia, among other countries that have purchased the missile.

This missile is primarily designed for air-to-air weapons. The latest AIM-9X variant is one that can be used from the ground as well as against ground targets. It is widely deployed on a range of modern aircraft, including the F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-22 Raptor aircraft. This versatility has allowed it to break records in aiding the advanced F-22 fighter aircraft to deliver air-to-air kills. The United States does not disclose the exact number of such missiles in its arsenal, but in 2021 the US Air Force would have received its 10,000th such missile.

How much do they cost
The US Department of Defense will purchase 255 missiles in fiscal year 2023 for $111.9 million. The cost of each of these missiles is $439,000. Although it also includes discounts. Other countries will usually also pay for equipment, spare parts and related training costs. In 2011, Malaysia sought to purchase just 20 AIM-9X-2 missiles for an estimated $52 million.

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How do you work?
The AIM-9X Sidewinder is a short-range supersonic missile. Its main components include an infrared guidance section, an active optical target detector, a high-explosive warhead and a rocket engine. Infrared specifically allows the missile to home in on a target at any time of day within a range of parameters. Its length is 9.9 feet (3 meters). The new version has improved features, including the ability to lock after launch.

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sidewinder story
Sidewinder missiles have a long history in the US military. They were first developed by the US Navy in the 1950s before being adapted by the US Air Force. Early variants could only be used at very close range and could not be deployed at night. But later improvements made it an ideal weapon for a variety of situations, and a later version of the missile saw service in the Vietnam War.

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