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The most awful form of Russia-Ukraine! The testicles of a soldier who is about to surrender are crossed, Wagner Group crosses the limits of cruelty.



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The terrible incidents of the Wagner group came to the fore.
Of 50,000 Wagnerian fighters, only 10,000 are still fighting in the Ukrainian war.

Moscow. New news has emerged concerning the fighters of the Wagner group, who are allegedly fighting for mercenaries in Ukraine, which is surprising. According to a new report, when a soldier from the Wagner Group of the Ukraine War tried to cross into Ukraine, commanders tortured him and even cut off his testicles. Citing phone intercepts, a Ukrainian military intelligence document detailed how a soldier from that group attempted to surrender to Kyiv forces, but was severely punished.

According to information obtained by CNN, a soldier can be heard saying to another soldier, “The Wagnerians got him and the assholes cut off his testicles.” Explain that this Wagner group is led by Russian businessman Yevgen Prigozhin, close to Putin. News related to this group continues to emerge. The fighters of this feared group are believed to be extremely ruthless. Prigozhin also recruited prisoners into his organization.

A Russian journalist said that only five percent of Russian prisoners recruited by Prigozhin survived the war in Ukraine. Speaking in a YouTube video posted by My Russian Rights Project, Olga Romanova, head of the Russia Seeted charity foundation, said Wagner had recruited around 42,000 to 43,000 prisoners by the end of 2022. That number has now crossed 50,000 fighters. But now only 10,000 are fighting on the ground. Because everyone is either dead, missing, or surrendering.

Recently, a commander of the Wagner group was arrested while crossing the border. On the other hand, on Friday, taking a big step against Wagner PMC, America called it a traditional criminal organization. White House spokesman John Kirby said additional sanctions against Yevgeny Prigozhin’s military company would be announced next week. The White House said the US Treasury Department would designate the Russian mercenary organization Wagner Group as an international criminal organization.

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