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The nurse cut off the patient’s feet without asking the doctor, you will be surprised to know the reason



Viral news: There are constant reports of hospital neglect in our country. Measures are also taken against these hospitals. But now such news has also started coming from America. The country where the medical system is considered the best in the world. In fact, in a hospital here, a nurse cut off the patient’s leg without asking the doctor. Not only that, this nurse didn’t even take permission from the patient.

According to a criminal complaint filed last week in Pierce County, the nurse told co-workers she wanted to preserve and display the leg in her family’s taxidermy shop. Let us tell you that things related to animal body are usually kept in taxidermy shop. Marie K, 38 years old. Brown will appear in court on December 6.

sick to death
According to the criminal complaint, the incident occurred while Brown was working at the Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center on May 27. According to the American newspaper US Today, the age of the victim patient was 62 years old. But neither his name nor the date of his death appear in the complaint. The patient was admitted to hospital in March this year and health officials determined he could be dead by May.

Now action will be taken
Witnesses told investigators that Brown amputated the man’s right leg on May 27. But neither the doctor nor the patient had given permission to do so. The body was sent to the county medical examiner due to the “unusual circumstances of his death” and Brown was charged after investigators were contacted by the medical examiner’s office in June. The medical examiner said the right leg was not attached to the man, “but lay beside him”.

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