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The oldest gold in the world: the oldest gold in the world mined from the ground, many amazing things have also been found at the site



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The tiny pearl, found in Bulgaria, is the oldest gold find in the world.
The oldest gold in the world is believed to date from 4500 BC.

The oldest gold in the world: Every year we discover something about our history through excavations around the world. During one of these excavations carried out by archaeologists in Bulgaria, the oldest gold pearl in the world dating back to 4500 BC was discovered. Scientists believe it may be the oldest processed gold ever discovered in Europe and possibly the world.

Reuters news agency reported in 2016 that pearls (manka) predate the oldest gold object, Varna Gold. There is a cache of gold found in a necropolis outside the Black Sea port of Varna. The Varna Gold Cache was discovered between 1972 and 1991 and weighs around 5.8 kg. Additionally, ceramic figurines of over 150 birds have been found at the site. Scientists thought they were probably revered by the townspeople. However, the mystery of a pearl discovered in Bulgaria sets scientists back 200 years. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences professor and head of the excavation Yavor Boyadzhiev said: “I have no doubt that it is older than Varna Gold. This is a very important discovery. It’s a small gold coin, but it’s so big that it’s made history.

Excavations have been carried out at a site called Tell Unatsite. Scientists believe that gold was probably made there and used in religious worship. They also believe it was a highly cultured society. It was a society from about 6000 BC of today’s Turkey. It was destroyed by invaders around 4100 BC. Yunatsite has been excavated since the 1970s and, together with the Varna necropolis, is part of the emerging Bronze Age civilization of the Lost Balkans. Scholars believe the city had a well-developed trade network, industrialized metal production for the first time in history, and may even have been home to the creators of the oldest known written scripts in the world.

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