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The party will be on the flying plane, the police won’t be able to call the aunt!



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Not only hotel guests, but also those who book 12-hour flight tickets can enjoy
Resorts opens bookings for its 16-passenger private jet
The jet plane’s LED lights turn the entire cabin purple or whatever color you want.

Bloomberg. There is good news for those who wish to celebrate holidays in heaven. Dubai hotels are competing to outdo each other in this regard. A Dubai hotelier has also started booking for those who like to party in the sky. Customer booking started from Thursday on behalf of Dubai’s Five Hotels and Resorts. This reservation was made by the stations for their 16-passenger private jet planes. The owners of the resort promise that the entertainment for passengers aboard the private jet will begin before they even reach Dubai. Discounts have also been given in this reservation so that not only hotel and resort guests can enjoy the party in the air (flight), but also those who have booked a 12-hour air travel ticket.

Speaking of this private jet, it’s not a stuffed business jet seen as a successor, where people often whisper about contingency plans and offer talking points, according to a report in NDTV. It’s a completely different jet and full of fun and adventure. In this private jet, you can enjoy boozy celebrations and enjoy the dancing by opening your seat. Plus, depending on the mood of the party, the jet’s LED lights can light up the entire cabin in purple or any color you choose.

The jet will also have a bedroom with a king-size bed behind a door aft of the main cabin. But some instructions have also been issued for its users. Only two people can use it at a time and they will be required to wear the ‘Gust Belt’. This long safety belt goes under the cover in the middle of the mattress.

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Kabir Moolchandani, President and Founder of Five Global Holdings, says that we have started to think of ourselves as an entertainment company. Five Palms Jumeirah is the group’s first hotel and is already known locally as one of the biggest party hotels in town. The hotel regularly hosts star DJs for beach parties and can drive the supercar to the hotel nightclub for 10,000 dirhams ($2,723).

Meanwhile, some selected hotels have their own aircraft to serve for logistics etc. But they don’t have any arrangements to enjoy the party etc. Operators of luxury safaris in Africa have fleets of small planes to reach even the most remote destinations, while some hotels in the Maldives operate planes to fly guests to outlying islands.

The Aurora Anguilla luxury resort has a jet to allow guests to quickly travel to South Florida or New York. It is also used to import essential goods to its namesake island, where local purchases are limited. While hotels such as the Aman and the Four Seasons offer private jet tours, they are generally intended for visits of a few weeks at a time, and not just as transportation. The logistics are organized by third-party operators.

per person will cost so many dollars
Five plane trips will cost around $13,000-14,000 per flight hour, not including various transfer fees. Which means a return trip between London and Dubai will cost around $195,000. The full flight will cost around $12,000 per person. This is roughly equivalent to a first class ticket on Emirates Airlines.

Dominique Bousquet, team leader of private jet charter company Velojets, said that given the different planes, he has a VIP arrangement and I would say that’s a very good price. Christopher Marich, co-founder of MySky, a software company for business aviation companies, said it costs $15,000 to $20,000 an hour to offer an Airbus with a large cabin and $12,000 to $14,000 an hour for a smaller Gulfstream or Bombardier aircraft. Free.

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