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The Pentagon’s grand statement on India-US relations, said – relations have grown stronger over time



Strong points

The Pentagon made a big statement
Said- India and America have strengthened their relations

Washington. A senior Pentagon official said India-US relations have become stronger than ever and both countries are focused on the future given the current situation in the Indo-Pacific region. US Assistant Secretary of State for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, Dr. Ellie S. Ratner said the United States supports India’s ability to maintain the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific region. Dr. Ratner said this in a conversation with a group of reporters.

He said Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar is due to meet Defense Minister Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon on Monday. He said the meeting came after Austin’s lengthy phone talks with Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

America supports India’s military modernization

Ratner said that in light of recent talks, it is clear that the relationship between the United States and India has historically deepened. He said America supported India’s military modernization.

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