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The president of this country decided to give free condoms to people under 25, do you know why?



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French President Emmanuel Macron has made condoms free for people up to 25 years old.
This step has been taken at a time when sexually transmitted diseases are on the increase among young people.
Women under 25 can already benefit from free contraception in France.

Paris. French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that France would make condoms free in pharmacies for anyone under the age of 25 in the new year. This measure has been taken at a time when the government believes that sexually transmitted diseases are increasing among young people. While the condition of the poorest people in France has worsened due to the extraordinary inflation this year. Girls and women under 25 can already benefit from free contraception in France. This was done to prevent unwanted pregnancies among young women of all classes. This current government policy was not for men. Although transgender people benefit from it.

Macron said on Thursday that condoms would be free for everyone from January 1 to January 18-25. But a French TV presenter and others took issue with his proposal on social media on Friday, asking why minors were not included in the free condom rule. Later, President Macron agreed to this. Macron tweeted that “many minors have also had sex…they need to protect themselves too.”

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Significantly, when Macron was first elected president in 2017 at the age of 39, he was France’s youngest president. He promised to intensify prevention measures for HIV and other sexually transmitted viruses. The French public health system includes some methods of contraception, but not everyone benefits from them. Poor patients often have to wait a long time to see doctors. However, in France, abortion is free for all. Many other European countries also offer free or subsidized contraception.

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