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The removal of top billionaires came to the fore, Musk taunted, said – instead of going to Mars, he will donate money for the vaccine



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The estrangement of the world’s biggest billionaires has come to the fore.
Bill Gates said he was not interested in going to Mars.
Gates said he would spend his money on charity to help people on the ground.

Washington. The removal of the world’s biggest billionaires is now in the foreground. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he was not interested in going to Mars and would rather spend his money helping people on Earth and donating for vaccines. . In an interview with the BBC, Gates was asked a direct question about SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and charity: Would you encourage Elon Musk to join your club of great philanthropists?

The interviewer asked, citing Gates and Warren Buffett’s organization “The Giving Pledge,” that hundreds of the world’s wealthiest people have pledged to donate most of their earnings to charity. In response, Bill Gates said, “I think one day Musk will be a great philanthropist.” Things like Tesla have a positive impact even if they are not a form of charity. Other than going to Mars a few times, which can be a bit expensive, they don’t believe the SpaceX CEO will spend most of his fortune just on himself.

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Other than that, when Bill Gates was specifically asked if he thought going to Mars would be a “good use of money”, the Microsoft co-founder clearly replied that “not in my opinion”. . Gates said going to Mars is really, really expensive. You could buy the measles vaccine instead and save lives by saving $1,000 per life. The quarrel between the two billionaires also appeared earlier. Elon Musk has claimed he stopped working with Bill Gates on a philanthropic project after asking him about Tesla’s short sale. Musk wrote on Twitter that “I had heard about it from many people.” It wasn’t a top secret affair. When CNBC asked Gates about Tesla’s short sale, he replied, “I’m not talking about my investments.”

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