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The Royal Caribbean cruise caught in the storm, the chairs blown like cards! see



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Passengers and crew seen escaping sun loungers, loose items flying off cruise
It is a matter of honor that no one on the cruise was seriously injured in this storm.
In the storm, large trees fell on the side of the road in many places, the road was blocked, heavy damage was caused to many houses

Florida. Dozens of homes were damaged in Sunday’s tornadoes across the Midwest and South America. At the same time, we learn of the death of at least 3 people in Indiana and Arkansas. A Royal Caribbean cruise ship parked in Port Canaveral, Florida, was ready for passengers to depart. But shortly after the passengers boarded, he got stuck in a powerful storm. In this sudden storm, luggage can be seen flying from the top deck of the cruise. Meanwhile, the cruise’s crew and passengers can be seen trying to save themselves.

According to CNN’s report, the Royal Caribbean cruise holding in Port Canaveral, Florida was fully ready to depart with passengers. But he got stuck in a sudden storm. Meanwhile, passengers and crew were seen dodging sunbeds, umbrellas and other loose items while cruising. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

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Meanwhile, 3 people died and dozens of homes were also damaged due to the storm in the Midwest, South America. Tornadoes swept across the Midwest and South of the United States on Sunday, damaging dozens of homes and killing at least three people in Indiana and Arkansas, officials said Monday.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service said severe thunderstorms were reported Sunday in central Indiana and Arkansas. It was learned from photos and video footage from local media that during this storm, large trees fell on the side of the road in many places, due to which the road was blocked. Many houses also suffered heavy damage. Officials say a heavy hailstorm was also reported in Indiana and surrounding states.

It is believed that due to the dangerous heat wave in Texas and Florida, the deadly tornado occurred. At least 4 people have died in tornadoes across multiple states this month. At the same time, due to the floods, about 150 people had to leave their homes.

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