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The Russia-Ukraine war has become dangerous! Russian army fired 24 drones overnight after Kremlin attack… 21 killed, 48 injured



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After the Kremlin attack, the Russian army fired 24 drones at Kherson overnight.
In this 21 people were killed and 48 were injured, Ukraine shot down 18 drones.

Kyiv: The Russian-Ukrainian war is now taking a dangerous turn. Russia is furious after the drone attack on the Kremlin. Moscow blamed Ukraine for this attack. The Russian army took revenge after the drone attack. Russia attacked Ukraine with 24 drones overnight. Ukraine’s air force said Thursday that Russia fired 24 attack drones at Ukraine overnight, 18 of which were shot down. The Air Force informed about it via the Telegram channel.

As The kyiv Independent reported, Russia launched one of its deadliest attacks on Kherson. A supermarket, a train station and other civilian buildings were targeted. At least 21 people were killed and 48 were injured. Sergiy Popko, the head of the city of Kyiv military administration, said: “It was the third day of the attempted attack on Kyiv. Our city has not been attacked with such intensity since the beginning of this year. He said debris from the downed drone fell in different parts of Kyiv but there were no casualties.

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