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The spies there are much better than the Russian army, why do the experts believe that?



Diplomacy and the intelligence system are very important in any war. During World War II, intelligence systems played a decisive role in warfare. So is there a role of intelligence systems in the war between Russia and Ukraine or is it only fought with weapons where a powerful country like Russia is trying to dominate a small country like Ukraine? ukraine, but the western country is helping ukraine to make it difficult. The UK’s leading think tank says the situation is the opposite of what it appears. Russian security and intelligence services in Ukraine have achieved far more success than the Russian military.

preparations were already underway
The Royal United Service Institute (Rusi) report revealed that Russian intelligence agencies had been preparing for the attack in Ukraine since June 2021, while the actual attack took place on February 24, 2022. According to the BBC, the report indicates that the Federal Security Service (FSB) managed to quickly dominate the population of the occupied territories in Ukraine.

Information collected from multiple sources
We are told that this report was made on the basis of several sources in which seized documents were also included. He also contributed to Ukrainian intelligence operatives, intercepted communications and conducted field research. The researchers claim that the FSB was able to download the hard drives of government computers to identify, arrest and interrogate individuals and agents with ties to Kyiv.

was searched and the time
According to the “Russian” report, electronic fire units were used to cut off occupied parts of Ukraine with the help of the outside world. At the same time, the head of the SVR of Russian foreign intelligence had asked President Vladimir Putin for more time to prepare, but Putin rejected this request and attacked in February itself.

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The Russian intelligence system remains deeply active in the war in Ukraine. (Representative photo: shutterstock)

This report is a message
The 39-page report is titled Preliminary Lessons from Russia’s Unconventional Operation During the Russo-Ukrainian War, February 2022-February 2023. The report is seen as a warning to Western governments about the extent to which operations secrets of Russia can bring a country under its influence.

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a vast information network
Jack Watling, lead author of this report, said that recently a senior German intelligence officer was arrested in Moscow for providing highly classified information. It was said in the report that it is clear that Russia has managed to create an extensive network of agents which remains effective even after the attack, thanks to which the Russian forces obtain continuous information. The FSB is the intelligence agency of the Soviet Union which succeeded the KGB.

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The Russian army did not achieve as much success in the war as expected. (Representative photo: Wikimedia Commons)

discourage the Ukrainian people
As Russian forces advance, FSB officers will download Ukrainian government documents from local government buildings onto computer hard drives to compile lists of people working for Ukraine. People are tortured there not to obtain information but to frustrate the resistant public. Russia has always denied allegations of human rights violations in Ukraine.

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It is said that so far about 800 Ukrainian officers, some voluntarily and some by force, have managed to bring the FSB to their side. At the same time, the Internet connection, TV, radio, etc. was cut off from occupied areas so that people remained cut off from the rest of the world. Watling explains that he only needs to control 8% of the population to gain control. At the same time, the army had to withdraw from Ukraine several times. Earlier, the army had shown Putin that Ukraine would be easily occupied, but this did not happen, the army was completely wrong about this. Even now, the army does not achieve definitive success.

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