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The United States is preparing a war with China? The Pentagon prepares to trap the dragon’s neck



Washington. Is America preparing to attack China soon? This issue arises from a major defense authorization bill introduced in the US Parliament. In fact, in this bill, the Pentagon was instructed to study the option of a naval blockade of China. Under this, America wants to know how this blockade can be put in place if necessary, and in doing so, what difference will it make in stopping China’s oil supply.

According to the Washington Post report, this bill introduced in the U.S. Parliament required Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to submit a report within six months stating that the U.S. military will conduct one or more naval tests on the shipment of fuels. fossils bound for China during the war How to impose a blockade.

According to the report, this bill clearly indicates that, in the opinion of lawmakers, the risk of military confrontation with China is increasing. It also signals that many in Congress believe the Pentagon should do more to prepare for the conflict.

Tensions between China and America over Taiwan
In fact, the tension between America and China over Taiwan has been going on for several months. Senior military officials have warned Congress in recent statements that President Xi Jinping has ordered the Chinese military to prepare for an attempted occupation of Taiwan within 4 years.

Meanwhile, news also came that the Biden administration plans to soon evacuate US citizens living in Taiwan in the event of an emergency. According to a report published last week on a news site called “The Messenger”, the United States has been working on the plan for this evacuation program for 6 months, which has gained momentum in the last 2 months. .

Many experts see this preparation by America in connection with China’s recent aggressive stance toward Taiwan. However, according to the report, US officials called it a routine operation.

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