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The vaccine will also come for cancer and heart disease! Research is going in the right direction, we just have to wait until 2030



Washington: Good news has fallen for cancer and heart disease patients. American experts say a vaccine could soon be made for these diseases. By the end of this decade, cancer and heart patients around the world will now be able to be cured with the vaccine. In fact, the search for vaccines in the coronovirus outbreak has made it easier for scientists to find vaccines for cancer and heart patients. A pharmaceutical company has now suggested that people may soon be able to take a vaccine to prevent cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases and other conditions.

According to The Guardian report, after the Covid vaccine, US experts are now engaged in the manufacture of a vaccine capable of eliminating cancer from many types of tumors. This The vaccines will be ready by 2030. It is believed in the study that if the vaccine is ready, the lives of thousands of people can be saved. Dr Paul Burton, chief medical officer of pharmaceutical company Moderna, said the company would be able to offer such treatments for all types of diseases in as little as five years.

Burton said: “The vaccine we will have will be very effective and it will save many hundreds, if not millions of lives. I think we will be able to provide vaccines for many different types of tumor cancer to people around the world. He also said that many types of infections can be covered with just one injection. Vulnerable people can also be protected against covid, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Now I think in 10 years we will reach a world where you can actually identify the cause of a disease and can get treatment for it using mRNA-based technology.

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