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The visa became an obstacle so the family used desi jugaad to travel to the daughter’s wedding! Celebrate now in America



The visa is required to travel to any country, the only difference is that in some places the visa is available for free and in some places you have to pay for it. In many places you must apply for a visa online in advance, and in many places there is a visa on arrival. The rules are different everywhere, but in countries like America, where a lot of people want to go, there is a struggle to get a visa. People have to wait about a year. A Delhi family also faced the same fate, whose daughter’s wedding (Jugaad for marriage in the United States) was to take place in America.

According to the Moneycontrol website report, a 65-year-old man named Sunil Dhar lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in America. Her youngest son was about to get married, but the problem was that the girls were unable to get visas to come to America from India. He also did not want his daughter-in-law to marry without parents or other family members. This Indian family has found a solution to a serious problem with native jugaads, knowing you will enjoy them.

Place set on the Canada-US border
It turns out that when the girls didn’t get a US visa, they kept the wedding venue in the Blaine neighborhood of Washington, which is very close to the Peace Arch. This place is on the Canada-US border. There is a park at Peace Arch that comes to both America and Canada. Its specialty is that it is a neutral place where Americans and Canadians can meet and they do not have to go through the immigration process.

This is how desi jugaad was created
The Dhar family prepared the wedding venue in the building named American Kitchen located in the southern part of this park. The Dhar family will meet in the park from the American side, while the girls easily got the visa from Canada, so they will reach the park from the Canadian side. They can go to the parking lot built in the part of America without a visa. In this way, with her jugaad, even the girl’s parents can easily participate in their daughter’s wedding.

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