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The wife suspected her husband, after her husband came to the brothel, then what happened…



Patni ki Brothel Job: There is a unique relationship between husband and wife. There is an unwavering trust between the two. But when this belief turns into doubt, then sourness arises between the two. The two begin to eye each other suspiciously. One such incident comes from Thailand, where a woman suspects that her husband is cheating on her, then she follows her husband. The wife follows her husband to a brothel and begins to work there. She takes this step to teach her husband a lesson.

The wife suspected her husband was having an affair and decided to check her purse. She found a receipt for a place called Chin-nam Inran ol Kurabu, which translates to “C*ck-Licking Debauched Office Lady Club.” The woman told local newspaper Bangkok Jack: ‘I found evidence of my husband’s infidelity in his wallet. It was a user stamp card for a sex shop’

She added: “I was quite curious to know where he used to go, so I called the number on the card and asked, ‘which he said, if you come yourself, you’ll figure it all out,” she continued. Scared, but even more worried that he might bring home a sexually transmitted disease, so I went to see for myself.

He added, “I asked the manager what was going on in the store office that was visible. And from what he told me, it didn’t look like sex. Not at all anyway. That’s why I felt confident. What happened next was completely bizarre. The manager offered the woman a job in the brothel and she accepted.

The woman said: “Although it was certainly not my intention, the way things turned out, and out of curiosity or interest, I agreed”. The lady was called for the first client. She said: “It was much more sensual than the kind of physical relationship we have at home and it was really amazing” The woman added: “As the boss told me, I only had to do ‘sumta’, in which the physical relation does not have to be done but almost everything else has to be done.

Sumata is a form of foreplay, popular in Japanese and apparently in Thai brothels. She said, “I loved it and since then I’ve been secretly working at the same store. But I’m not afraid that one day I will accidentally meet my husband.

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