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The woman grew a 1 foot long beard like the men, made a record in old age, the reason is a compulsion, not a hobby!



Nowadays, men like to grow beards so much that they don’t cut their beards for several days. Some have a short beard and some have a long beard. But have you ever seen a woman grow a beard? Can you tell me how is this possible? Weep on women’s faces, but not so much that they keep beards like men. These days there is a lot of talk about an American woman (Old woman with beard) who became famous thanks to her beard and who also set a world record. The only difference is that he increased it out of compulsion, not a hobby.

Vivian Wheeler, a 74-year-old woman living in Lawton, Oklahoma, set a record on April 8, 2011, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. She is known as the woman with the longest beard. The woman, who has become a mother and grandmother of 3, has a beard that is 10 inches long, while some reports also say it is even longer.

woman's longest beard 1

The woman has a strange medical condition that causes hair to grow on her face. (Photo: Guinness World Records)

This happened due to a medical condition
According to the Daily Star News site report, Vivian did not grow his beard happily, he had to do it under duress. He has a medical condition called hermaphroditism. People suffering from this disease are 50% men and 50% women. Along with this, he suffers from a condition called hypertrichosis from birth, also known as “werewolf syndrome”.

I haven’t cut my beard since 1990
When she was 5 years old, her hair began to grow rapidly and her father was embarrassed by her appearance. He got the girl admitted to the circus where she started earning 81,000 rupees a month. For 55 years, she was known as the bearded lady. Speaking to ABC News, he said he only had to do it to feed the family. When she came home from the circus, her father forcefully asked her to shave, so that she could fit in with ordinary people. Fed up with her life, she stopped shaving in 1990 and started growing her beard, seeing it as part of her body. She said that without a beard she doesn’t see herself as a real person, she becomes someone else.

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