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The youngest heart fell on the older sister’s boyfriend, then he killed his own sister!



Viral news: Sometimes people forget their blood in love. A similar incident happened in Florida, USA. The older sister killed the younger sister because she started scolding her boyfriend. The older sister attacked with a knife. Now he is charged with murder. Police say Fatiha Marjan, 21, killed her 20-year-old sister, Syama, in her bedroom in Orlando, Florida on September 26.

According to the police, Fatiha repeatedly attacked her sister’s heart with a knife. Moreover, he confessed his crime. We think he committed this murder in the morning. In fact, the rest of the family was sleeping at that time. Fatiha said Syama was sleeping on her bed. He started stabbing her in the heart. Fatiha admitted to stabbing Sayama three to four times in her heart.

Fatiha is currently in prison. Authorities allege the murder at the Orange County home was premeditated and that Fatiha purchased a “dagger-style” knife weeks ago from online retailer Amazon. The affidavit also states that Fatiha told an officer that she considered suicide just hours after Sayama died. But no other family member had refused to do so.

The affidavit claimed that Fatiha hid the knife in one of her bags in her closet. He said, “Fatiha knew she should wait for her family to fall asleep. She didn’t want anyone to know about this incident. Syama died around 4:30 a.m. and 15 hours later Fatiha called the police at her home after reporting the body.

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