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There is no more place to bury chickens in Japan! Millions of birds die in a year, know the real reason



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Japan is in the grip of the bird flu epidemic.
Over 17 million birds have died in Japan this year.
There is no longer enough space in Japan to bury dead chickens.

Tokyo: Japan is in the grip of the worst bird flu epidemic in its history. The bird flu epidemic has affected his poultry farm, due to which the price of eggs is skyrocketing. There is no longer enough space to bury the dead chickens. Over 17 million birds have died in Japan this year. According to Japanese news channel NHK, the local government and farmers say there is not enough land to bury them. In Japan, a new way must now be found to prevent the virus from spreading properly.

As Vion reports, Japan needs to rethink how it handles bird flu, especially when record deaths from the virus are occurring around the world. Not only Japan, but other countries are also plagued by bird flu. Most of its epidemics are in Europe, the United States and Asia. The diseases are now spreading in South America. It is now harmful to buy meat and eggs in Japan. As a result, the fear of inflation has also increased. The outbreak prompted McDonald’s and other chicken-related products to stop selling or raise prices.

Farmers and managers typically develop pre-event strategies to manage waste, such as carcasses, manure and personal protective equipment, generated during avian flu outbreaks. However, according to NHK, the amount of chickens to be culled exceeded their expectations. Ease of burying chickens has also been reduced. In some areas, dead chickens are now being burned. (with agency contributions)

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