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There was a chatter about the rent! The owner shot the couple, also shooting the police



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The couple had recently rented the basement of the 57-year-old’s home.
The owner lived on the upper floor, the young couple had just become engaged.

Toronto. Very sad and disturbing news has come out of Stony Creek, Ontario, Canada. Here, a landlord shot and killed his couple of tenants (Fatally Shot Tenants). According to ABC News, the man shot the young couple after an argument with the tenant. The two people who died have been identified as Carissa McDonald (27) and Aaron Stone (28). The accused landlord, Carissa MacDonald (57), also attacked Hamilton police, who returned fire. The incident is recounted last Saturday evening. Police actually described the deceased couple as innocent victims.

According to the outlet, Hamilton Detective Sergeant Steve Berezuik said the two men were fleeing the residence when they were shot. He said it was a very sad and disturbing incident.

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According to news from the outlet, police say the couple recently rented the basement of the 57-year-old’s home. The owner lived upstairs above the basement. The young couple had just gotten engaged. Macdonald was a teacher’s aide while Stone was an electrician.

The police did not give precise and complete information on this incident. The cause of the shooting is under investigation. Although the police did not speak of any dispute over rent. The police are investigating the case thoroughly. Police said during the initial investigation that it appears there was some sort of dispute over the state of the house.

According to the New York Post, many guns are registered in the name of the owner. Although the name of the owner was not released after the incident. When the police arrived, he had barricaded himself. He was armed. The police talked to him and asked him to surrender peacefully. I tried to persuade him for several hours.

Despite this, he did not surrender and fired at the police armored vehicle and then fired several shots at the police officers present on the spot. After that, the officers returned fire and killed him instantly. In this case, 6 investigators and 4 forensic investigators have been appointed, who are seriously investigating the case.

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