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There were no signs of pregnancy… 13 kg of weight was reduced and then all the senses were blown away after intense pain!



Have you ever heard that a woman has no pregnancy symptoms and has become a mother. Did you hear that after the baby was delivered, the woman found out that she was 9 months pregnant? Although it usually does not happen, but lately some such cases have definitely appeared. One such case came from America. Here too, the woman had no news of her pregnancy. Thus, after the birth of the child, all the senses were blown away.

According to the New York Post, a woman named Kayla Simpson is a student at Indiana University. One day, she was having fun at the party, when she suddenly had a severe stomachache. He was immediately taken to the emergency room. He and the doctors thought the appendix had burst. But after a few tests, she learned that it was about something else, that she was going to be a mother. Simpson, 21, went into detail about it on his Tiktok.

regular period
Simpson from New Jersey said he also had regular periods. She had lost a lot of weight in the months leading up to welcoming her now almost 1-year-old daughter. Simpson said: ‘I went into the hospital thinking I had appendicitis. I started screaming in pain and the doctor came running into my hospital room. This video of him has gone viral. It has been viewed by over a million people so far.

what did the doctors say
Simpson said she and the child’s father – whom she did not name – are actively involved in their daughter’s life. She said she was not using birth control pills at the time of conception. Despite their claims, doctors can confirm that it is not physically possible for women to menstruate during pregnancy, although some degree of vaginal “spotting” is not uncommon. But when it comes to Simpson’s change in figure, she claimed that instead of having a baby bump, she was cradling a tight belly in her belly.

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