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These countries were not invited to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, what are these countries, what is the reason? Learn



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Russia, Belarus and Myanmar are not invited to the Queen’s funeral.
The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have confirmed their attendance at the ceremony.
According to a report, around 500 world dignitaries will be present at the funeral.

London: Britain will attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral next Monday Russia, Belarus And myanmar representatives are not invited. A source in Whitehall gave this information on Tuesday. Britain has called on its Western allies to isolate Russia and its ally Belarus from global economic sanctions and other measures in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Britain has always been opposed to Myanmar and its military rule. Britain has supported the Rohingya community in the Southeast Asian country. For the same reasons, Myanmar is also not invited to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

According to a BBC report, around 500 foreign dignitaries are expected to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London, with invitations sent to heads of state from most countries with which Britain has diplomatic relations.

Many world leaders, from US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to the Prime Ministers of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, have confirmed their attendance at the event. The country has been one of Britain’s greatest diplomatic allies over the years.

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