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These sisters are ‘Ek Jism Do Jaan’, live together in all situations, but there is a dating dispute!



Nature also sometimes gives such characteristics to humans that make them special in the world but make their lives difficult. You must have seen twins, it’s one of their surprising specialties. However, just having the same face doesn’t cause them much trouble. But think of those people who not only share the same looks, but also the same body! The same goes for two American Conjoined twin sisters who are two lives, but also one body.

According to the report from the Daily Star News site, Carmen and Lupita Andrade are 21 years old and were both born in Mexico but now both live in Connecticut, USA. When she was born in 2002, doctors said she could only live 3 days. The reason for this is that the two sisters are born attached to each other in the upper part of the body (sisters attach from the chest to the pelvis), that is, from the chest to the abdomen. Doctors then said that if he was isolated he would either die or need medical attention for many years.

dating is difficult
His parents then decide to stay with him. He has two heads, two hands, but only one leg. Carmen controls the right foot while Lupita controls the left. According to the report, the two have been together since childhood, so dating should be done together. Although Lupita has no sense of romance, so she avoids dating, but Carmen had been in a relationship for a year and a half. He said his partner is also his special friend, however, there is no such intimate relationship between them as between other couples. The two sisters fight over a romantic relationship.

People often make fun of romance
Carmen said marriage was not on her mind, but she wanted to live with one person for the rest of her life as a life partner. The sisters said that sometimes people tease them that anyone who is in a relationship with one of them will have the chance to have sex with both of them at the same time. However, she does not pay attention to such things. Both are content with their lives and do not see themselves as helpless or physically incompetent.

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