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This boy is very shameless! When his girlfriend’s mother invited him to dinner, he started eating there every day, now looking for ways to escape



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The boy’s girlfriend’s mother invited him to dinner and said: “Come for dinner anytime”
The person has now started eating every day, does not give money and does not help cook
The girl’s brother asked on social media: ‘How do I stop my sister’s boyfriend from coming home’

Beijing: The story of a love couple from Hong Kong is going viral, in fact, when the girlfriend’s mother invited the man for dinner, she said, “You can come over for dinner anytime. Just this thing was taken seriously by the girl’s lover. He started going to his girlfriend’s mother’s house every day for dinner. The girl’s brother shared the post on a Hong Kong social media app, on which users called the girl’s boyfriend a greedy one.

According to the South China Post report, the girl’s brother shared a post on the Discus HK forum and wrote, “My sister’s boyfriend eats a lot. Don’t bring us a penny, don’t even help with the dishes. He further said, “Whenever we go to someone’s house to celebrate something, like someone’s birthday, we take presents, but he always comes with nothing. “What’s the best way to stop him from coming to our house for dinner,” the girl’s brother asked netizens. There have been over 100 comments on this post so far.

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According to the report, many people told the girlfriend’s brother the solution. One user said, “Tell him the price of food has gone up, so donate money to buy the goods or buy the goods yourself. Then the other wrote: ‘Tell your sister’s boyfriend, these days nothing is available for free.’ And the third wrote: “From next time, do not cook at all or very little.

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