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This country is determined to eliminate the entire population of vervet monkeys, there is an outcry in the world



New Delhi. If a small damage is caused by a monkey or a group of monkeys, should monkeys all over the country be punished for it? Can a country order the extermination of an entire population of nuisance apes? A similar decision is made in the Caribbean country of Sint Maarten. The Guardian reported that the entire population of vervet monkeys has been approved. In fact, the people of this country have described this monkey as a rowdy and dangerous monkey.

However, after this order, many environmentalists and animal lovers around the world demanded to change this order. Animal lovers said that instead of killing monkeys, their sterilization and castration method can also be tried. According to reports, an NGO from Sint Maarten was selected by the government for this work and given the task of catching and killing all the monkeys. A period of three years was granted for this work.

The vervet monkey was introduced from South Africa, not the Caribbean
Leski Hickerson, director of the Nature Foundation, said that when a species increases its population in such an area, while it is not the native species of that area, it must be protected. This vervet monkey is also not of West Indian origin. Here, its population can be controlled so that this animal is available for generations to come. Monkeys of this species were brought to the Caribbean country in the 17th century. These vervet monkeys have a brownish-brown body with brown spots and a black face with white fur. Animal lover and founder of the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa, Dave du Toit, says eliminating any species is not a good decision. I disagree with the decision to kill vervet monkeys. You can neuter some of these monkeys to solve the problem.

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