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This country is plagued with the terror of rats, now the job of killing them is out, the salary is not in lakhs but in crores!



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The administration has eliminated the position of ‘Director of Rodent Mitigation’.
Responsibility for working on this position has been given to Kathleen Koradi.
Kathleen Corradi will lead efforts to reduce rats.

Washington: New York City has long been looking for a way to get rid of rats. Now maybe the solution has been found. New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday handed the job of “director of rodent mitigation” to Kathleen Corradi. Kathleen previously led the Ministry of Education’s efforts to reduce rats. Adams had been looking for someone for this position for several years. If we talk about salary, then it is stated between $1.20 lakh to $1.7 lakh per year. That is, Rs 97.70 lakh to Rs 1.38 crore will be taken as salary.

According to a Reuters report, Adams said at a press conference announcing the nomination, “I think fighting rats is tough.” Koradi was called because I think she’s made for this. During Koradi’s tenure, 70% of schools saw a reduction in rats. They are committed to using the “most effective technology” to reduce rats. Koradi’s salary is modest for a municipal official. The Director of Communications earns 1.72 crores per year.

In New York, people were getting rat complaints on a massive scale. There is also a waste management problem here. The rat population is also increasing due to increased litter. Statistics show that the rat population has increased by 70% in the last year, while negligence in cleanliness has increased by 80%. Opposition parties are calling this Adams campaign a plot to divert attention. On this subject, city hall officials have traveled to Greece, Israel and Argentina to study the way in which they manage their waste.

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