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This Couple Got Married At The Grocery Store, You’ll Be Surprised To Know Why



Where do people usually get married? Hotel, wedding hall or temple. But a couple in America surprised everyone by getting married in a grocery store. Dennis Delgado, 78, and Brenda Williams, 72, of Arizona tied the knot Nov. 19 at a grocery store. In fact, the reason to get married here is very special. Because this place meant a lot to him. This is where they first met last year.

They met last August at the supermarket, Fry’s Food and Drug Store in Casa Grande, and started dating soon after. For their special day, they chose a place that resonated with their feelings. In a chat with Fox13, Brenda recalled the day she first met Dennis. She said, “I was walking down the hall. And someone comes up behind me and says…” Dennis ended his sentence by saying, “You know the best thing about wearing a mask?

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